One of the most important rest and trade centers of Silk Road is Jaisalmer. It has history of being the rest home for the traders, merchants, pilgrims, monks, soldiers, nomads and from China to India to the Mediterranean Sea.

    Jaisalmer FortThe Bhati Rajputs of Jaisalmer have safeguarded the provinces in the most beautiful way. Jaisalmer ranges from beautiful palaces, forts, lakes, sand dunes, cultural and world heritage of fossil wood and thus offering one of the most fun filled Jaisalmer Desert Camp Packages. Jaisalmer has various museums to preserve the art and fossils for cultural and history lovers.

    Rajasthan has beautiful monuments where art of carving stones is showcased, among which the Jain Mandirs of Jaisalmer are truly a must visit.

    Jaisalmer offers the most ancient wood fossils, it is a place for research and study of history, but you can also visit the park if you are curious about fossil woods of 800 BC age.

    If you have been to Rajasthan earlier and had not visited Jaisalmer then you have not seen the real Rajasthan. Jaisalmer is an ecstatic combination of civilization and nomads. The original village life of Rajasthan is still alive and ready to offer you the experience of a lifetime without any modification.

    Why Choose Joggan Jaisalmer

    • The camping site which has five star standards in Sam
    • A celebration of being Rajasthani and showcasing the rural Rajasthan
    • The destination to enjoy experimental holidays in luxury
    • Serving to the best and with ethnic desert activities

    Our Strength

    Joggan Jaisalmer Camp is the only conceptual camping project in Sam sand dunes working to keep Rajasthan’s adventure tourism alive.

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