Tourist Places in Rajasthan | Best Places to visit in Rajasthan

All Your Inhibitions About Journey In the Desert Get Smashed Here! You will come to know what are the Best Places to visit in Rajasthan.


Have you ever travelled through a Desert? The answer to this freak question will be in the negative from most people. The reason is the mind has amassed many illusions about Deserts, on the wrong-side of course – unbearable heat; vast and endless sand surfaces; and walking across the sand will be dreadful etc. You will change all the above illusions totally, if you have at least once enjoyed the Rajasthan Tour Packages and Jaisalmer Tour Packages conducted by Joggan Jaisalmer Camp. They have Tourist Places in Rajasthan in their tour packages and gives you options to customize as per your need.

Desert travel converted into pleasure travel:

All said and done, making a trip to a Desert, particularly the biggest one in the world namely Thar Desert in Rajasthan, India is surely a difference life-experience totally, thanks to the spark of idea by Joggan Jaisalmer Camp. These people thoughtfully transformed all the minuses of a Desert into plusses, so that travelers can enjoy the experience of having spent their time inside a Luxury Tent Resort joyfully.

Holiday trippers, vacation enjoyers with family, honey-moon couples and corporate Executives etc. find Jaisalmer tour packages, as one-time-in-life experience, owing to the arrangements made by the Joggan Jaisalmer Camp people. They get what they wanted during their stay and the facilities, perks and conveniences surpass their expectations in a Desert camp. So when they leave the camp, the memory becomes one that refuses to fade out.

What are all the fun activities to expect?

A vacation in a Desert Camp is something out of the ordinary, many people would not have imagined possible. At Joggan Jaisalmer Camp, you will be amazed when you go through the activities that fill your mind with complete thrill and enjoyment. There are –

Camel Safari – The ideal carrier in the Desert is Camel (nicknamed Ship of the Desert). You will enjoy the conducted tour with escorts to roam about on the Desert, enjoy Sunset, and happily come across Desert-life, manganiyas, animals and local birds on the way.

Dune Bashing by riding on Jeep: An adventure activity of Dune Bashing (off-roading on sand dunes) will make the adrenalin rush to your body parts, during the entire 45 minutes ride.

Quad Biking: Go on a 4-wheeled bike on your own jolly-well, to ride over the sand as you please.

Cultural Walk: Along with other like-minded people take up walking to the nearby villages; enjoy their culture, daily life, water wells, tandoor-cooking, as also mud-storage-pots for grains etc.

Royal Tours: You can’t miss the excitement of viewing Gadisor Lake; Patwahaveli; Jaisalmer Port and Salam Singh Ki Haveli, and the constructions of these monuments with the sandstones of golden-yellow color, brought from Jaisalmer Desert for the city nicknamed as “Golden City of India”.

Museum and Fossil Tours: Enjoy viewing Thar Heritage Museum; Silk Route Art Gallery; Gyan Bhandar; Government Museum; Desert Cultural Center; The Folklore Museum; Akal Fossil Park and Desert National Park etc.

The list of visiting places is really long, including Khabha Tour; Mandir/Temple Tour; Longewala Border visit; Desert Broadway Safari Dinner and other vibrant festival celebrations, Holi, Diwali; Desert Festival Mammal Dinner; Barbeque Night and so on.

Do you need any more reasons to take up Desert Camps Jaisalmer, and Desert Safari Rajasthan conducted by Joggan Jaisalmer Camp ?


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