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From The four Corners of India we can see the major variety of landscapes and vast difference with what they offer . to the North Stand the Tall Himalaya with the astounding Beauty and then we have the huge ganges and river like brahamaputra in the east . south has its beaches and what we have in the west is the immense spread of desert .
Rajasthan may have many things to offer but what keeps it different is the most famous Sand Dunes . In the western part of Jaisalmer Lies the Famous Sam Sand Dunes . Many Tourist are attracted to Rajasthan for the Sam Sand Dunes Camel Safari. At the time of sunset you can witness the most beautiful color of the dunes and sun setting down just near you. It seems so close that it takes the breath away by the mere beauty of the nature. The most simple and serene place to be for a private holiday. sam sand dunes Jaisalmer hotels have been located right near the dunes where you can walk down the dunes , stroll to the local people for the basic chit chat .

Sam sand dunes safari starts from the parking area where you get a personal camel to ride , they take to for a ride for one hour on the Sam sand dunes where you see the most wonderful and non ending desert. The eye captivating view of the sky and the desert make it a travelers delight. While sam sand dunes Jaisalmer hotels are there but the most popular stay there is the swiss tent camping. the camping style holiday is an experience of its kind.

Sam Sand dunes is the perfect place to find yourself, when it is night the stars seem so near to you that they light up the whole desert in night . Though the camel safari is not possible at night but you can still enjoy your bedding on dunes under the open sky.
Any holiday is worth while if it properly planed , but even if you did not have time to do that and wish to enjoy the Sam Sand dunes Camel Safari , all you have to do is book your tickets and reach Jaisalmer the guides and local people will help you see the city and dunes .
It is a tourist friendly place and safe from all aspects. The localities are very helpful and make sure that you are comfortable while you holiday.
Also it is not a costly holiday or I can say it is a holiday destination which falls in the budget holiday category .
Sam Sand Dunes is also popular for it Desert National Park which is located near by , this is a photographers delight where you see endless dunes till the horizon and amazing floura and fauna of the desert.
From all the place in India one can not miss the desert , it is a true destination to find your inner self . at least plan three nights to enjoy the desert and sink in it. Best time to visit Jaisalmer is Winters.

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