Jaisalmer Desert Camp packages

    Joggan Jaisalmer Camp is an exclusive experience of luxury stay at the mid of the Thar Desert. The whole experience of tenting at Joggan Jaisalmer tents different than the concrete rooms.

    When it comes to solitaire and peace Jaisalmer is one place to experience. The serenity of the dunes the starry nights of deserts, amazingly have therapeutic feel in them.

    Joggan Jaisalmer…luxury tents offer you the most grounded pattern of living in Rajasthan in the country way, camping in the cool winter winds, the dinner under starry nights, sleeping on the dunes while dears do hide and seek with you.

    The folk allure with the evening Non-Alcoholic drinks, the deep request way of serving food in Rajasthani style is out of the world experience. Sam dunes are 40 km away from the city hassle bustle of Jaisalmer perfect deserts hide out for peace seekers; Joggan Jaisalmer is exactly on the dunes at Lakhmana village turn.

    At Joggan Jaisalmer Camp we do not forget that you are on a holiday, so even at the remote corner of the country we bring you the warm hospitality and luxury in staying.

    We offer unlimited Rajasthan Tour Packages and Jaisalemer tour Packages as per your need but in desert style.